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A river is a magic thing. A magic, moving, living part of the very Earth itself. It flows through the impossible, never forcing, and at the same time never holding back. Some are distant images never to be tasted, felt, or heard. Yet others hold a deeper connection. Places we have spent time, shared struggle, found piece. We are so connected to some we rearrange our entire lives to be closer to them. The ebbs and flows of these waters quench our souls in a way few earthly things can. The Green River is one of these.

Located near Saluda, NC the Green River is a year round playground for kayakers with skills enough to navigate it. This addition to The Watersheds Film Series explores the rocks, water and people who not only play, but live in this outdoor Disneyland. Follow along as we take the viewer on an insiders look at community, race and river that is a defining element of the whitewater culture. Never before seen cinematography guarantee the most visual tribute this famous river has ever seen.

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Quality: HD
Length: 29 minutes
Series: Watersheds

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