How do I cancel my subscription?
Since it is a recurring payment, you will need to login to your paypal account to cancel your subscription.
1. Login to you paypal account
2. Click on the “details” of the most recent recurring payment from Amongstit Inc
3. At the top of the Details page you will see in bold “Recurring Payment Sent” and to the right of it the hyperlink “view details”. Click on “view details”
4.On the top of the next page there will be a hyperlink labeled “cancel”. Click on it and follow the remaining steps.
5. Canceling your recurring Paypal payment will automatically cancel your subscription and access to
6. If you would like to resubscribe to, your username and passwords will be saved.

*If you used express checkout to subscribe please contact us at to cancel your subscription.

To renew your subscription, login to and resubscribe by going to the subscribe/upgrade page.